BTech Forum is an initiative by a group of graduates from multiple B.Tech streams aimed at creating a unified platform for engineers to come together and collaborate.

Why this initiative?
During our B.Tech course, one of the major shortcomings we found was the lack of participation between students in various colleges / courses. We hope that the platform will provide this opportunity.

What activities can be expected to happen in the community?
Short answer - anything productive!
Initially we are hoping that the community will be used as a study platform (isn't that why we are in college? :)). Basically we hope that students will come together, ask questions, get answers, provide answers, discuss project ideas and so forth. As we evolve, we expect that this will be also used as platform to tackle problems we see around us in an 'engineer's way'.

What this community is not?
This is not a place for dating, political, religious or any discussions for which you have other resources. Not that they are not productive, let's keep this as a professional forum.

Why not have this on Facebook?
The way Facebook groups and pages are laid out, there are limitations in having useful threaded conversations. For e.g. someone asks a questions, get a few answers but later gets rolled over by newer posts. Also, this is meant as a platform where you dedicate your thoughts productively, not getting distracted by all the things being shared on Facebook.

So what if I have a suggestion?
We need your thoughts, ideas and suggestions to improve the Forum!
If you have an idea or suggestion, post in the Forum and see what the other members think of it. If there is enough support, can make it possible!