Pretty much anyone who has something to do with B.Tech degree!!

Some use cases:

  • Current students - interact with students from other colleges on studies e.g. do you need help with some coding, do you want to know which books are best for a topic, exchange notes, discuss projects and ideas.. endless possibilities

  • Teachers - can you help answer questions from students not just from your college? Build your profile!

  • Potential employers (beta) - do you have internship opportunities for students?

  • Study resources - are you a publisher or a store owner who can give books and materials such as drafters at best rates and want to let the engineering community know?

  • Social projects - do you have an idea like flood resistant houses and need peers to collaborate on that?

  • Placement drives notification

  • Other volunteering activities...

If you fall into any of these categories, you will find BTech Forum a great resource.

Did we miss on something? Let us know below.